4 Meal Variety Week of 10/10/21

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(4 entrees per pack at $11 an entree)

Chicken with Lentils and Butternut Squash

Perfect for fall, lemon pepper chicken is paired with roasted butternut squash and a savory local red beet and lentil puree. Savory black lentils and pickled onions complete the dish. 

Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Tender seared pork tenderloin is served with a delicate Michigan apple mash and braised kale. Top with an apple cider reduction for a perfect hearty fall dish. 

Ready to Sea You

Filled with lean protein, this bowl combines fresh cilantro-citrus salmon with creamy housemade hummus, crunchy za'atar chickpeas, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes. Baby spinach and housemade tabbouleh round out the dish.

Cauli Mac

With all the comfort of traditional mac & cheese, our cauli mac adds an added veggie punch. Topped with gruyere, this meal serves as both a decadent treat and nutritional powerhouse.