4 Meal Variety Week of 1/04/20

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(4 entrees per pack at $11 an entree

Chicken with Pink Sauce & Gnocchi

With protein-filled chicken and nutritious sauteed spinach, this dish is complete with a creamy pink sauce poured over locally-sourced gluten-free gnocchi.

Al Pastor 

In this spin on a traditional Mexican dish, adobo-marinated pork is slow-roasted and paired with roasted pineapple, lime cabbage slaw, and rice. Top with the spicy salsa verde to complete the dish.

Steak with Cheesy Smashed Potatoes 

Perfectly grilled steak is served with roasted carrots. Cheesy mashed potatoes, made with yogurt, butter, and Monterey Jack cheese, round out the dish.  

Turmeric Chicken With Tabbouleh Salad

Turmeric sesame-crusted chicken is served with tabbouleh and a side of artichoke hummus for dipping. Roasted grape tomatoes add both sweetness and brightness.