Kids' Variety Pack

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Kids' Mac & Cheese with Chicken and Peas
A playful take on a classic, we’ve made our mac and cheese without any added coloring. With protein and added nutrition from the chicken and peas, this dish is a well-rounded version of a fan-favorite.

Kids' Steak Frites 
Kid-sized cut steak is served with house-made ketchup free of fructose corn syrup and preservatives. Perfect for dipping, baked potato wedges and roasted broccoli are served on the side and add an extra nutritional punch.

Kids' Fried Rice 
Our fried rice is perfect for those with a simpler palette. Petitely-cut carrots and beloved edamame are mixed with scrambled eggs, tofu and brown rice made to suit even white rice lovers. Raw veggies arrive on the side to add a pop of color and nutrition.

Kids' Shepherd's Pie
Carrots, onions, and garlic are cooked long and slow with braised beef. The braising liquid is blended to create a tasty sauce filled with undetectable veggies. Peas, carrots, and cheesy mashed potatoes (made with yogurt) are served on the side to finish off this kid-approved dish.

Transfer to an oven-safe container, then heat meals thoroughly to 165° or higher