Chef's Meal for 2

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Seared on the outside and ready to be finished in your oven, our beef tenderloin is free from hormones and preservatives. Made from filet mignon, this tender cut of meat is high in quality. A large portion of herb-smashed potatoes and house-made horseradish sauce complete the meal, with dark chocolate pudding for dessert.   

Herb Smashed Potatoes:                                                                                              Heat: Bake at 350F for 25-35 min.
Beef Tenderloin:
Prep: Place on sheet tray and leave at room temperature for about 1 hour.
Heat: Preheat oven to 350F and cook for about 15 minutes.
Rare: cook to 110F. Medium rare: cook to 115F. Medium: cook to 135F. Well-done: cook to 145F. Let rest for 15 min after cooking.